Spectraforce Technologies has unveiled its SpectraForge technology platform, the world’s first fully cloud-native gaming platform, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The platform will help game developers create immersive experiences for both PC and mobile, which will enable them to deliver a more immersive gaming experience, the company announced.

“SpectraForge will help developers create experiences that are as immersive as possible,” said Kevin Ruggles, vice president of sales and marketing for Spectra Forge, in a statement.

“It’s an industry first and we’re excited to bring it to market with the SpectraTech platform.”

The platform, which launches with an alpha release later this year, features three main components: the Spectragenix Game Engine, Spectraforge SDK, and SpectraFlash Player.

This is Spectra Force’s first foray into the cloud-based gaming space.

The SDK, developed by Spectra Technology, is Spectragate’s first open-source platform that will be used to develop Spectra Flash Player for mobile.

The Flash Player itself is powered by a “virtual PC” built with Spectra’s cloud-first SDK and Spectraconnect.

Spectra Forge will offer an ecosystem for game developers, developers, publishers, and advertisers.

The first consumer-facing platform will enable developers to build games on top of Spectra technologies and tools, as well as support for Spectracrypt, Spectrasonics Cloud SDK, SpectrumFlash Player, SpectralForce SDK, as-yet-unnamed third-party SDKs, Spectraranis SDK, a SpectraPower cloud-powered marketplace and cloud service, and more.

The consumer platform will be powered by Spectrabuilder, Spectras cloud-backed marketplace, and CloudScraper, Spectaramium cloud-supported marketplace.

Spectra will provide an ecosystem of gaming content distribution tools to developers.