Palantirs stock is currently trading at $6.16 per share, and has risen almost 4 percent over the past 12 months.

That’s up a whopping $9.69 per share since its closing price on October 27.

Thats a massive increase in just over a year.

However, the company has a lot of debt.

Its current debt is about $19.4 billion, according to the most recent SEC filing.

That would leave the company with about $4.4 trillion in outstanding debt. 

So, how do you invest in Palanti?

Let’s look at the basics.

Palantirs technology and products are used by companies all over the world.

Companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon use Palantiris technology to process orders, track purchases, and store data for later.

That data includes customer details like location, gender, and age.

But the company is also able to collect and store information about your friends, family, and even your personal data.

Palanti has a variety of services to help manage the data.

These include an in-house data analytics tool called DataSift, which can help analyze and analyze the data you send it, and a “Data Dashboard” which lets you see how much data the company collects and how much is being used by its competitors.

The company also has a third-party product called Palantiv, which is able to analyze data and provide analytics. 

However, all of these products have one thing in common: they have to be purchased from Palantis stock.

That means that investors need to be careful. 

Palantir has historically had a high price-to-earnings ratio, so if you are an investor who wants to see the stock move up, there is no need to worry about buying in large quantities.

The stock is expected to climb about 10 percent this year.