A new brand-new speaker that uses the same technology used in the Acoustics Lab, Lacrosse Technology Speakers, is now available.

The new Acoustical Lab speaker has an aluminium base and a glass dome that looks a bit like a giant laser pointer.

There’s no word on pricing or availability, but it sounds like it’ll be a big deal if you’re one of the many people who bought one last year.

Lacrosse Technology Spakers will be available at the University of Adelaide for around $1,500, while the new $1.1k model will be $1 at retail.

It’s also available on Amazon for $1k and will be in limited supply.

Read moreThe company was founded by three University of Sydney students in 2016, and is now part of the new Acoustic Lab.

It has two other models currently in production, the $1m Acoustically Lab Laptop ($1,600) and the $2,500 Lacrosse Audio Lab ($2,800).

The new speakers are not only incredibly loud, but they also offer a lot of flexibility.

You can change out the speaker and subwoofer drivers for an all-in-one setup or swap out the amplifier for a pair of headphones, a pair or a subwoofers, an in-ear monitor, a USB-C port, and even a pair/subwoofer combo.

For a $1K model, you get a 5-way subwoord and a 3-way speaker.

The speaker is rated to 160dB/octave, and the subwoosh is rated at 160dB.

The subwoah is rated for a maximum SPL of around 130dB/ohm, so it’s not just loud, it’s very clear.

The speakers also have a very low crossover frequency of 3Hz.

Acoustics Labs, along with other companies, are hoping to use the same tech to create a line of speakers that are more than just loud.

LACRA is using a similar system to what is being used in acoustics labs around the world.

It’s called the Acoustic Laboratory, and it uses a combination of technologies to make a speaker that can handle a wide range of acoustic characteristics.

They’re also hoping to bring those same technology into the home.

“We’ve taken what we’ve learned in Acoustronics Lab, and applied it to a wide variety of acoustic properties.

The Acousticians Lab technology is a way of designing the speaker to suit a wide array of acoustic conditions,” LACRLs VP of product design and engineering, Jason Young, told TechCrunch.

“We’ve used that same concept in Lacrosse.

It means that the Acoura SoundLab can be used with the Acourics Lab speakers.

We have the technology to make any speaker that’s used in Lacroix, Lacroii, and Lacraix sound even better.”

Lacroix speakers are the latest generation of acoustical labs, and have been around for some time, but Acoustica Labs have been building speakers for over a decade.

The company is based in Melbourne, Australia, and has a team of engineers and technicians that specialize in designing speakers for different acoustic environments.LACROix is designed to be a high-end audio product, but there are also a number of other products that can be built for under $100.

The speakers are available in four different models, which come in different colors, including a black and a light blue.

They also have built-in Bluetooth connectivity, so you can connect to your phone or computer for control.

The Lacrosse speakers are powered by a 9V lithium-ion battery, which is also included.

Acoustico Labs claims that the battery can last for more than 12 hours, and will last for up to a week.

You can pick up a pair for just under $1 each, or you can buy them in packs of two for $2.20 each.

If you want to get the most out of the speakers, you can also choose to build your own.

Acoustic Labs claims it’s been able to build a speaker in just a day using the technology, and that it’s also capable of making speakers in less than an hour using some of the same materials.