A new report on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has found that bitcoin and Ethereum have both seen significant gains this year.

In addition, Ethereum’s market capitalisation has increased from $18.9bn to $27.3bn over the last five years.

Ethereum is now more valuable than the US dollar, according to the report, which was compiled by a team from CoinDesk and Digital Currency Group.

The cryptocurrency is a distributed, online-only protocol which enables users to move value around the world.

It is the first cryptocurrency to have achieved widespread mainstream adoption in 2016.

As the first virtual currency to go mainstream, Ethereum has become a powerful force in the market.

But the report found that the digital currency’s value has been increasing at a slower pace than that of bitcoin.

While bitcoin and ether have seen significant value increases, the report also found that digital currency tokens, also known as digital tokens, such as bitcoin and bitcoincash, have experienced more gains than bitcoin.

The report said that digital tokens are a popular investment vehicle.

This, combined with Ethereum’s blockchain technology, makes the tokens more valuable.

“Ethereum is now the second most valuable digital token, and is up by a staggering 70 percent over the past five years,” said David Einhorn, CEO of Digital Currency, in a statement.

“As a result, this report provides insights into the most valuable tokens that people are currently investing in.”

The report also highlights how this is driving greater investment and growth for digital tokens.

This is likely to continue as the platform matures and new products are introduced.

“Bitcoin, a popular cryptocurrency, has seen a sharp decline in value this year, according the report.

The Bitcoin price has dropped from a peak of around $1,200 in January 2017 to around $460 by December 2017.

However, the price of bitcoin continues to increase, reaching a high of more than $1.5 billion in January 2018.

Ethereum, on the other hand, has increased in value from around $819 per token in January 2016 to around around $2,600 in 2018.

The report noted that the Ethereum market capitalization has increased by over 300 percent over five years, which is greater than that seen in bitcoin.

Ether, on its own, is a cryptocurrency, but is designed to facilitate the transfer of value around a decentralized network.

Ethereum was originally developed by the Ethereum Foundation and has been supported by the Bitcoin Foundation.

The researchers said the market capitalisations of Ethereum and bitcoin had grown together, although they do not believe they are necessarily equal.”

Our study does not necessarily suggest that Ethereum is outperforming bitcoin in the long term, because it is possible that bitcoin is outperformed by ether in the short term, but this is not likely,” Einhardt said.

The analysts said that this may be because of the high transaction fees associated with Ethereum transactions.

This may be offset by the fact that the market cap of ether is only around $200 billion compared to the $3 trillion in bitcoin and $7 trillion in ether.