In the years since Uber’s self-driving car program began in California, Uber has spent millions of dollars to develop its cars, build its self-parking stations, and launch a new self-flying taxi fleet.

Now, it is working to develop an UberX electric car that will be capable of traveling on electric power alone and without the use of a driver.

The company is looking to sell the car as a new kind of transportation, according to Uber’s Chief Operating Officer, Andy Levandowski, at the company’s investor day on Wednesday.

The new electric vehicle will be priced at $30,000 and will be available in 2021.

The goal is to make it available by 2025.

“The company wants to be a leader in electric vehicles, and we think this car is a way to demonstrate that,” Levandowski said.

“We believe this will be the first car that people will see and use without a human behind the wheel.”

The new electric car will use an electric motor, a battery, and other components that are different from the Tesla Model S. It will use a “high-efficiency” battery pack and will use lithium-ion batteries to provide 100 miles of range.

It will be driven by an electric drivetrain that will travel up to 500 miles (800 kilometers) on one charge.

The drivetrain uses two electric motors that drive the wheels.

Uber is working with two companies to develop the car.

One of those companies, Tesla, is also working on a battery that will power the electric drivetrains.

The electric drive train is similar to a Tesla Powerwall, which uses a battery and a transmission to provide more range.

Levandowski said the company is trying to get a high-speed electric drive to market as soon as possible.

That could come at the expense of cost.

Uber plans to build the electric vehicle on site at a facility in New Jersey.

The electric vehicle could cost more than the average electric car, but it could also provide a way for Uber to test out a new charging technology, which it will use to make its own battery pack, Levandowski added.

“It’s not going to be cheap.

But it’s going to make us better at making our product, so we think it will be cheaper,” Levinsky said.

Uber has said it is aiming to sell its electric car by 2025, and has raised $500 million to build and launch the vehicle.

It’s also looking to raise $50 million more in venture capital to help pay for the costs of building and launching the vehicle, Levinsky added.

The announcement is a major milestone for the electric car program.

It is Uber’s first foray into a new technology and comes amid a growing awareness of the need for electric vehicles.

In March, Uber announced that it was testing an electric vehicle in New York City.

The company is also looking at launching a self-balancing vehicle, which could be able to drive itself to other parts of the world, like a major city.

Uber has also launched its own electric taxi program in New England.

Uber will continue to develop and build electric vehicles and ride-sharing services.