Updated May 13, 2018 07:24:03L3 Technologies, a satellite communications company, has announced it is planning to launch its first L3 satellite on the Falcon 9 rocket.

L3 Technology announced Tuesday that it will launch its third L3 Satellite, which will orbit at an altitude of 1,000 miles above the Earth.

L1 Technology, which owns L3, is planning a launch in 2021.

The Falcon 9 first stage burns up during liftoff and is designed to deliver satellites into geostationary transfer orbit, a type of orbit that allows satellites to reach higher altitudes.

L2 Technology is building its own rocket, the Delta IV Heavy, which uses an older rocket but will launch on a more modern rocket.

The Delta IV has a payload capacity of more than 6,400 pounds and is equipped with a liquid-fueled booster.

The delta IV Heavy will carry two satellites, both of which are scheduled to launch on the L3 launch.

A third satellite will also be launched on the Delta.

L3 Technology will be using a modified version of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launch vehicle to launch the first three L3 satellites.

SpaceX is currently working on a new rocket, which could launch on an upgraded Falcon 9.

SpaceX has launched two other satellites on the same rocket, including a mission in June 2017 that launched the first of two L3s.

L4 Technology, the other company that is working on the new Falcon 9, is developing the rocket for L3.

SpaceX also has the ability to launch other satellites from the Falcon.