By now, most of us are familiar with Google’s artificial intelligence system, which is currently powering the company’s search results.

But the company is also developing AI systems that could help the US military and other agencies use their AI for other purposes, like mapping, intelligence gathering, or even weather forecasting.

Google’s technology could be used for everything from building self-driving cars to analyzing photos and video to helping police track criminals.

Blue Canyon, a new artificial intelligence platform developed by Google’s X team, is one of those applications.

This technology is designed to help agencies, like the US Air Force, map and predict the flight paths of potential threats before they even reach their final destination.

Blue Canyons already uses this kind of data to give pilots a heads up about potential accidents and to help the military build up their own map of potential enemy targets.

But it’s just getting started.

Blue canyon, according to Google, is designed so that the data from hundreds of thousands of different sources is combined to make a 3D model of the terrain and nearby buildings and objects.

The model will then be used to build a 3-D map of a target area, based on the terrain information.

BlueCanyon has already made a major impact.

In the past year, the system has helped the US Army and the US Navy locate and track an estimated 30,000 insurgents, while providing intelligence about possible enemy troop movements.

And Google has built an app that allows users to quickly find out more about a specific location, like its elevation.

Blue Creek’s new AI is designed specifically to help law enforcement, as well.

Blue creek is designed for use in conjunction with the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Global Hawk drone, a high-end spy plane that’s designed to be able to carry a variety of surveillance and surveillance-related missions.

The drone is capable of capturing images and video from the ground, as it flies overhead.

But Blue Creek, like many of the other applications Blue Canyon can be used with, has a limited number of uses.

As Blue Creek becomes more widely available, however, the Pentagon and DoD are working to make it even more useful.