The first batch of superfoods could be in stores in five to 10 years, a major breakthrough that could revolutionise the way we eat.

Key points:Superfoods are designed to boost nutrient levels in the body and boost energy levelsIn an Australian trial, a gel-like substance was shown to increase blood flow and improve insulin sensitivity in peopleA company that makes the gel-in-a-bottle is hoping it could help millions more peopleThe gel is a ‘super-highway’ between the stomach and intestine, and works by stimulating nutrients from the blood to be absorbed in the gel.

“The gel itself does not contain any sugar,” the company’s CEO, Tom Boggess, said.

“We have used the technology to deliver more nutrients to the gut than we normally would, which is really nice.”

It’s a really exciting time to be a scientist.

“Mr Boggiss said the gel was being used by some of the most vulnerable groups in the country, including those who suffer from Crohn’s disease, Type 2 diabetes, and those suffering from anxiety.”

I think the potential of the gel is that it will really bring people back into the fold,” he said.

The gel was developed by the Australian company Akamai Technologies.

It is a unique combination of gel-based nutrients known as the “food matrix”.”

It is super-high-tech,” Mr Bogguss said.

Mr Biggess said the first batch had been tested in the lab and in clinical trials in Australia, but that the gel had yet to reach the marketplace.”

There are some people who have not had a gel that has actually been clinically tested, so it is not something we’re particularly excited about,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

Our hope is that this is the first gel-filled supplement to be tested in a clinical trial and we’ll be able to provide it to people who are in desperate need.

“In a trial, the gel worked in a way that was similar to the way food is processed in the human body, with the nutrients getting absorbed through the gel and the gel itself not being able to digest them.”

In the lab it is like a really high-tech version of food, but it’s actually a gel,” Mr Tynan said.

Akamai’s gel was also tested in animal trials, where it was shown that it improved glucose tolerance and reduced insulin sensitivity.”

So it is a really great supplement for people who really need it and who want it.””

It also has the advantage of being able a) not affecting the taste of the food you’re eating or b) not causing stomach pain or vomiting.”

So it is a really great supplement for people who really need it and who want it.

“The company has also created an ‘energy drink’ gel, which it has tested in clinical tests, but said it would not make it to market until it had “a really good manufacturing process” to be ready.”

As with any product, we are always looking at ways to improve the quality and consistency of the product,” Mr Jardine said.”[The energy drink gel] is still a work in progress and we’re still working on it and making sure it is as good as it can be.

“This product is the latest innovation in the industry, and we are very excited about what it will bring to the world.”