The Color Star Technology team at unveiled the Color Star Display 3D Display technology at CES 2016.

The ColorStar 3D™ displays are the first in the ColorStar line of high performance displays that offer 3D resolution and can be integrated into your existing smartphone or tablet.

The technology uses a custom-designed LED to project 3D content to the surface of your device, with color-sensing technology that is optimized for high-definition content.

The company says the ColorStars can also be used to replace conventional displays, and can allow you to display content on the go with just one hand.

The company describes the Color Stars as a “lightweight and powerful 3D projector with a fully customizable design that allows you to have more control over how content is displayed on the display.

You can control color and brightness levels, color filters, brightness and contrast settings, and more.”

The company also describes the Display 3Ds as the world’s first 3D 3D video projector with full 360° viewing capabilities.

The display is capable of displaying content at a maximum of 180 degrees in all directions, which is great for sports fans and other entertainment enthusiasts.

ColorStar says the Display IIIDs will be available for purchase in mid-2016.

The ColorStar technology is a new display technology, but it was already on the market for several years.

The original Display 3DS technology was released in 2012 and is the closest competitor to ColorStar’s new 3D technology.

Color Star first announced the Colorstar 3D 2D display in 2013, and the company has since released a number of new ColorStar 2D displays for 2017.

We’ve covered several of the new ColorStars in previous CES coverage.

The technology, which the Colorstars use is a proprietary design that was developed specifically for the ColorSTAR display.

It was designed to create an attractive, customizable and lightweight display, but the company says that it was also designed to enable color accuracy and clarity, as well as an improved contrast and color gamut.

It can also utilize the color-selector technology that enables the ColorTeks to be customized based on user preferences, and to provide a wide range of colors, and a range of color filters that can be applied to any surface.

The Display 3d is the latest in a long line of ColorStar displays, which have been used for a number in-display applications, including automotive and gaming.

The displays are available in a range with varying degrees of quality, but most are of lower quality than the Display 2D, which are the best color-accurate displays on the planet.

The Display 3s display is also much smaller than the Color Teks.