A new study from Morningstar and Bloomberg shows that tech stocks have seen significant gains this year.

While the gains are still relatively modest, they suggest that the technology sector may have become a more attractive investment this year than it has been in a decade.

According to Morningstar’s data, the technology and biotech stocks that have increased the most this year are the companies listed below.

All of these companies have had large increases in share prices over the past several years.

But if we look at the more traditional stocks, we see that the gains have been much smaller.

These stocks have experienced a modest increase in the past few years, but they’ve generally remained in the mid-teens, as the share prices of these smaller tech stocks haven’t grown that much.

As for stocks that haven’t increased in price over the course of the year, we’re left with a mix of stocks that are mostly unchanged from their 2017 price levels.

As a result, we can’t say whether the technology stocks have been the better investments or the less-expensive options.

So what’s the catch?

The catch here is that we don’t know for sure what’s driving the market’s recent surge in stock prices.

For now, we should be taking a cautious approach to these stocks.

In addition, there are some other issues that might weigh on the overall market.

For instance, some of these stocks might be more volatile than others, and this is especially true for the tech stocks that appear to be underperforming in 2017.

For example, if Apple, Google, and Amazon all fell apart, the overall stock market might have lost more than a percentage point.

The bottom line is that if you want to invest this year in tech, you need to make sure that you’re comfortable with the potential risks of investing in these companies.