By The Associated Press The technology giant LinkedIn and other firms have used cloud to boost delivery times on products such as search and email.

The move helps businesses reach consumers quickly by helping to reduce the time it takes to deliver their orders, said Pauline Fagan, an analyst with the research firm Forrester.

She added that the companies’ move also makes them more profitable, giving them more breathing room to grow their businesses.

The companies’ use of cloud is particularly important because many companies rely on large data centers to process orders.

The cloud allows them to store and process large volumes of data at one location, said Fagan.

That’s the benefit of using the cloud.

Companies have also built their own cloud-based apps that allow customers to quickly deliver products.

LinkedIn’s products use the company’s data center to handle orders.

A LinkedIn spokesman said that the company is not using cloud to improve delivery times.

But the company has begun using cloud services to improve product delivery, said Josh Vassallo, an associate vice president at Forrest.

LinkedIn recently announced that it would use the same cloud technology for the email app, called Trello, as it has for other products, Vassillo said.

LinkedIn will be able to use Trello to reduce its delivery times to about 1.5 minutes by 2020, he said.

The company is also using cloud-enabled analytics to help deliver products faster, Vartallo said.

He added that LinkedIn is also developing tools that let users customize how quickly their orders are delivered.

LinkedIn uses data from its own data centers, and it is able to access it faster through its cloud.

In 2016, for example, it took the average delivery time for a product order from the cloud to more than 4 minutes.

The technology has a long history of helping companies improve the delivery of their products, said Mark Pincus, an executive vice president for the analytics and business technology firm ForREst.

Forrecast is tracking the technology’s growth in the past few years, and the number of companies using it has grown to about 10,000, he added.

LinkedIn has more than 500,000 users.

The search giant uses cloud-backed tools to help speed up deliveries, such as a “search index” that shows a product’s most popular results.

It also uses the same technologies for delivering emails and other products.