It sounds easy, but building an iPhone is not as simple as buying a box and putting it together.

Here’s how.


Start with the basics: Find out where to buy an iPhone.

Buy an unlocked iPhone at your local Apple Store, Best Buy or online.

They will often list a price range for the device, and you can check that out for yourself at the store or online at


Get the right model.

When you go to the Apple Store to buy your new iPhone, you should first get a model number, which is an identifying number.

These numbers will usually start with an 0, indicating that the device does not come unlocked.


Make sure you have the right accessory.

The accessory for your iPhone is your phone charger.

It must be a power-pack type, which means that it has the power source attached to it.

It also has a charger plug, which needs to be plugged into the same power source as the iPhone.


Check the warranty.

If you get a phone that is not working properly, you may want to have a technician help you with repairs.

If the repair does not solve the problem, you can replace the battery and the charger.


Check your Apple Pay device.

This is a debit or credit card that can be used to pay for things on your iPhone.

Apple Pay can be purchased in stores, but it’s best to get your device at an Apple Store.


Install Apple TV.

This device connects to your Apple TV through an Ethernet cable and lets you watch content on the big screen.

The device also has an external antenna that can help it track your location.


Check out the Mac App Store.

Apple’s Mac App store has thousands of apps to help you manage your iPhone and other devices.

It’s a great place to find new apps that can aid you in your day-to-day life.


Try the Apple TV Remote.

This remote is great for people who are used to controlling their iPhones remotely.

You can control the iPhone with one hand, or control the device with two hands.

It has three buttons: a volume control, a Siri button and a lock button.


Try out a new Apple TV app.

You might have a few favorite apps on your device, but there’s no reason you can’t try out Apple TV, the streaming box that plays live TV and video content.

You’ll be able to view your favorite shows, such as The Big Bang Theory, and browse for movies and shows.

The remote also supports iTunes and Apple Pay.


Go to the Mac app store.

If your device is connected to your Mac, you’ll need to install Mac App Stores for Mac and iOS apps.

You should install them on both your Mac and your iPhone, which should be in the same folder.

You may also want to install an app from the Apple Developer Center for iPhone.

The developer may have other apps in the Mac or iOS app stores, so check to see if you have any apps you like.

If so, you will need to download them first.


Check for security updates.

If an app you like doesn’t have security updates, you could try downloading them from Apple.

For more information on this, read How to get security updates for your device.


Update your settings on your phone.

Your phone needs to work on the iPhone in order to access its settings.

The Settings app on your Mac is similar, but instead of showing a lock icon to indicate the location of your lock screen, it shows an app icon that lets you open your settings.

It can also show a notification that says, “This app is currently under review.”

If you open the Settings app, it will tell you which settings to update and how to do it. 13.

Check what apps you use.

Your Apple device needs to have access to your content.

There are a few ways you can control what you can see on your TV.

You have two ways to do this: by going to Settings, going to “Apps” and selecting “Show apps in TV” in the top menu.

This option allows you to open apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, ESPN and YouTube.


Try Apple TV’s Spotlight feature.

If there are a lot of movies on your Apple device, you might want to try the Spotlight feature to get some of those movies in front of you.

If this is the case, you need to open the Spotlight app and find the movies you want to watch and go to Settings.

The Spotlight app will ask you which app you want Spotlight to open, and then it will ask if you want it to show a movie you want.

You will be asked to accept this request, then the app will show a list of movies that are available to watch.


Update Apple TV to fix problems.

The Apple TV may not always be up