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The Tranes are coming back, folks.

They’re coming back!

The Tranesean tech giant Trane Technologies has a new $5 billion deal with Oracle.

This is a deal that will allow the Oracle subsidiary to use Trane’s code in its software and data centers, a company spokeswoman said in an email.

It’s also the latest example of Oracle’s increasing ability to invest in new technologies.

Oracle will make up to $50 million a year from the deal, which will be split evenly among Trane and Oracle, Trane said.

“Oracle will be a strong partner in supporting Trane as it develops and commercializes its new products and services,” Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said in a statement.

“This deal is another sign that Oracle is investing in the future of cloud computing, technology and enterprise.”

Oracle has been using Trane in the cloud computing business for years, starting with its acquisition of Oracle DataWorks in 2010.

Oracle’s cloud-focused products have been available in cloud-first versions for a while.

But Oracle has continued to invest heavily in its own cloud infrastructure, including the new $10 billion Oracle Business Intelligence platform.

Oracle Business Insight is the company’s next big product.

Oracle also announced the purchase of Oracle Analytics in May.

The new $2.7 billion deal is for Oracle Analytics, which Oracle says is “the leading source of enterprise analytics data.”

The $2 billion deal covers Oracle Analytics and Oracle Data Science, which are both part of Oracle Datacenter, Oracle’s next-generation cloud computing platform.

The Oracle-Oracle relationship is a big one for Oracle.

The company has had its cloud-related products since its inception, including Oracle Cloud Computing, Oracle Cloud Analytics, Oracle Datacentre and Oracle Cloud Platform, among others.

Oracle has a billion customers in the United States, and Oracle Business Services and Oracle Enterprise Services are also key customers for Oracle in its data centers.

The $5-billion deal with Trane also extends Oracle’s investment in Trane, as well as Oracle’s investments in other companies, such as Oracle Systems, Oracle Business Machines and Oracle Database.

Trane announced the deal on Wednesday.

Tranes technology, including Trane Data Center software, will be used in Oracle’s Data Center, which is the central hub for Oracle’s data center infrastructure.

“The Trane partnership has the potential to be one of the largest cloud computing deals in the history of the Oracle business,” Ellison said.