The company is preparing to release its latest version of its popular AI software, Palantirs Edge, which is aimed at developers of enterprise applications.

The software is designed to solve problems that were previously difficult to solve, such as building and managing large systems with multiple people, and can also help people do complex tasks like organizing large amounts of data and building applications.

Palantiris Edge has been downloaded more than 400 million times and is currently in beta testing with a large group of users.

In a post on its website, Palentir CEO and co-founder, Peter Thiel, said the company is also aiming to improve on the work of its former parent, Palanti.

The company, he said, would be finally doing it well in 2017, and would be the first company to release a fully open source version of the software.

Thiel noted that Palantiri would “be the first open source company to make significant improvements to its core software” as part of the next steps.

“We have to be open to new ideas,” he said.

“And we’re working hard to do that.”

He also highlighted Palantriir’s new CEO, a former senior VP at Google who was previously Palantier.

He said he hopes that Thiel will be able to bring a fresh approach to the company.

Thoung said the new Palantieri will be used in enterprise-focused projects and in areas where the company can’t be expected to make full use of the existing Palantirus products.

The company has built Palantira into a company that provides an enterprise version of Palantiers most popular cloud computing software, the Palantiere platform.

The new software will be a major step forward for the company and its enterprise customers, Thiel said.

Palantiri has been in beta since April.

The beta software can be downloaded from the company’s website, but is only available to a select group of developers, who must sign up with a Palantiroid.

Thiel said the developers will have the option of a paid subscription, which includes access to the beta software.

Palanteira, meanwhile, will have a free version of software available to the public.

The open source Palantis Edge software is intended to be used by developers who have a basic understanding of AI, he explained.

Thiels statement about the release of Palanteir Edge came as PalantIR announced a $1.9 billion merger with rival startup Palantive.

The acquisition was announced in December and has already seen the sale of more than $1 billion of its assets.

Palantoir will be the second open source AI software to join Palantiabs Edge.

Earlier this year, Palanteira merged with the rival Palantiv Analytics software to create Palantibrix, a software product for developers that can help them analyze data.