A new generation of smart home security cameras is about to hit the market, but the first product will not be made in India.

That means the market will be dominated by the Chinese, said Anurag Kaul, managing director of security startup iSec.

The startup has partnered with security firm Kaspersky Lab to develop the iSec Security Camera app.

The app is a platform that lets people monitor their security and privacy in their homes, and can monitor, detect and respond to various threats.

The first version of the app is being developed for Android and iOS devices.

The app can be used by a wide range of people, from professionals to hobbyists, the startup said.

It has also been developed to be able to detect and mitigate various attacks, including home invasions and phishing.

The security camera system can also be used to detect if a device is infected with ransomware.

The technology is also used to protect homes against viruses, malware and other threats.

It uses sensor data to track the location of the camera and detect it when the user leaves the home, said Kaul.

The iSec security camera, which is built by the security firm, uses sensors and a smartphone app to monitor the location, movement and interaction of the user.

The sensors track the user’s movements, and when they enter or leave a room, the app automatically sends a warning message to the phone.

The device can also receive alerts from other sensors on the home network.

Kaul said that while there are many security cameras in the market today, there is a need for a new platform to help businesses and consumers monitor their home security.

iSec has partnered up with a leading manufacturer of smart products to bring the solution to the market.

Kaul added that it is a natural step to develop an open platform for the smart home and to provide better security to its users.

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