A startup is using a suite of apps and technologies to let drivers book Uber rides using their own personal cars.

The company, Uber Technologies, is now developing its own ride-hailing app and has raised $1 billion from a number of investors.

The Uber platform allows users to book rides through Uber.com and to choose their own car.

The platform allows Uber drivers to book trips for free, with a $25 fee for every additional person booked.

The service, which lets users book rides for free and book an Uber driver to pick them up, is available for Android and iOS devices.

Uber said it is testing Uber Go for select U.S. cities, with the goal of adding other cities in the next year.

It is not clear if the app will be available in other countries.

Uber Technologies said in a statement: “Uber’s ride-sharing technology enables our drivers to work from home or in large cities and earn revenue by selling the Uber app to customers.

We believe this new platform can drive the growth of ride-share as a revenue stream for our drivers, allowing us to increase the number of rides they deliver and offer better service.”

The company is offering $5.99 per trip for a driver to be able to use the Uber service.

Uber drivers are also able to earn a percentage of their fares when they book trips.

Uber uses its own car technology to operate the app, and the company said the Uber platform is the most secure and reliable Uber platform.

The ride-tracking technology allows users who book a ride through Uber to track it for the next five minutes.

Uber also uses a number in-app technologies to ensure the safety of the ride.

Uber, which has about 6,000 drivers, has been facing increasing competition from ride-hire companies such as Lyft and Sidecar.

Lyft has gained a strong foothold in the ride-booking industry and now has about a billion dollars in revenue.

Lyft is offering discounts on its services to drivers, and Sidecars’ pricing has been criticized for being higher than Uber’s.

Uber says it will continue to expand its ride-hopping services to other cities and will continue investing in driver education and training.

“With Uber’s $1.5 billion investment, we are taking the next step in creating a better, more secure and flexible way for our customers to connect and get the most out of their Uber ride,” Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said in the statement.

Uber currently operates in more than 100 countries.