Microchip Technology, a pioneer in chip technology, has announced a new partnership with Snap Inc., a digital camera and Internet search company.

Microchip said it will offer Snap’s SnapView, a suite of smart-home products that integrate the technology with cameras, cameras and other devices.

The technology, known as SnapView+, will allow users to connect their smartphone or tablet to a microchip to take photos, video and video chat.

It will also allow users with an internet connection to view and share videos, photos and other digital content with their SnapView devices.

Microchip will offer three products: the SnapView Pro, which is a smart home-style camera with Wi-Fi, cameras, microphones and a remote control; SnapView Lite, which provides remote control functionality and a camera; and SnapView Plus, which offers an HD video camera with a remote controller.

SnapView will also offer SnapViewPro Lite, SnapViewPlus Lite and SnapWatch Pro.

Microarch Technologies, which makes the SnapPro, will also provide SnapView PRO Lite, as will SnapWatch Plus.

Microchips are embedded into microchips that are used in smartphones, cameras or cameras for other devices, including smartwatches and smart thermostats.

The microchip chips are manufactured by semiconductor chip maker Broadcom, and the chips are sold in microchipping stores.

MicroChips, a subsidiary of Broadcom Corp., has been selling chips made by Qualcomm Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. since 1999, but has struggled to find a steady supply of chips.

It is also in the process of acquiring Micron Technology Co., which makes chips for microchippers, to produce chips for the chipmaker.

Snap Inc. is a leading player in the Internet of Things, including connected devices, and has long sought to take advantage of the technology.

It has teamed up with several big technology companies to bring microchipped devices to market.

Microchips also could be useful for people who use their smartphones, computers and other mobile devices to take pictures, record videos and upload them to social media.